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Nikka Costa – First Love (1981)

Entah mengapa ingin sekali mendengar lagu ini malem ini.. Nikka Costa sebenernya penyanyi cilik Amerika yang kiprahnya mulai dikenal saat dia menyanyikan lagu ini..
“My First Love” pertama kali gue denger waktu Abi gue muter kaset ‘Love Songs 80’s’ di mobilnya..

“Every one can see
there’s change in me
they all say i,m not the same
kid i use to be

dont go out and play
i just dream all day
they dont know whats wrong with me
and i’m too shy to say

* Its my First love
what I’m dreamin of
when I go to bed
when i lay my head upun my pillow
don’t know what to do

my first love
thinks i’m to young
he doesnt even knows
wish that i could show him what i’m feelin
’cause i’m feelin’ my first love

mirror on the wall
does he care at all
will he ever notice me
could ever fall

tell me teddy bear
why love is so unfair
will i ever find a way
an answer to my prayer”

Dan salah satunya ada lagu ini, sekompilasi sama Jose Marichan “Beautiful Girl”, Samantha Sang “Emotions”, George Michael “Careless Whisper”, Kenny Rogers “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?”, Together Forever- nya Rico J. Puno, dan “Daddy” nya Rico ‘n Friends, juga ada sederetan lagu melankolis lainnya yang menurut gue sangat Hits banget di zamannya.
Ada beberapa lagu lagi di album “RCTI 80’s Love Songs” ini, tapi menurut gue lagulagu yang gue sebutin tadi di atas adalah jawaranya.


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